Sindima Memorial Institute

si_logo1   Sindima Memorial Institute classroom

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology (SMIAT) is a new institute of higher education located in North Blantyre, Malawi.  Its undergraduate program has several academic streams, including technical skills (with a focus on allied health professions), teacher preparation, and liberal arts.  SMIAT also plans soon to inaugurate colleges of medicine and nursing.  The Institute is unique in several regards, most notably its focus on providing a university education to students of limited means, its rural location, and its construction of a green campus entirely powered by a renewable energy system.

In January of 2021, SMIAT has also opened a low-cost, residential secondary school on the university campus.  The program offers small class sizes and a comprehensive and challenging curriculum.

YPI has provided direct funding and technical assistance for the development of this university and a scholarship fund for students at the secondary school.