Malaria Eradication


201002041265285067_mosquitoMalaria is a leading cause of death in children under five in Malawi. It also contributes to anemia in children and is a common cause of school absenteeism.  YPI supports a multifaceted, evidenced-based approach to malaria transmission reduction aimed at ultimate eradication of the disease in Malawi that is being implemented by a Malawian not-for-profit, North Blantyre Relief Project.  This model involves ongoing training programs for frontline malaria health professionals,  community education, operationalized data collection for targeted response,  widespread distribution of five-year bed nets, and other related activities.  The system has achieved significant results, notably significant declines in infant and child mortality rates from malaria in a region that is approximately 350 square kilometers.  This approach to malaria eradication is low-cost, scalable, and sustainable.

YPI is supporting this initiative by providing bicycles to the frontline malaria health professionals and by purchasing medications for malaria treatment.

Bed net