YPI – University of Malawi Evaluation Program

YPI and the University of Malawi in Zomba are collaborating on a program to increase the number of health and education programs in Malawi that are independently evaluated.  Graduates of the University who have extensive undergraduate training in evaluation and related fields will, beginning in 2021, receive additional training from YPI’s Executive Director and University of Malawi faculty in conducting formative and summative assessments and will be provided a Malawian civil service salary to develop an evaluation report of an ongoing initiative.

The University of Malawi and YPI intend this program to increase interest in independent evaluation among agencies providing health and education services in Malawi.  By identifying areas of improvement, evaluations can provide agencies critical information for improving program effectiveness.  In addition, robust evaluations will provide local and national officials with the ability to engage in data-driven decision making.  Finally, having credible, independent outcome evaluations that demonstrate effectiveness will improve the ability of cash strapped Malawian organizations to access third-party funding to sustain or expand their activities.

YPI is fully funding this program for four years.  In addition, YPI’s Executive Director is supporting the training of the program staff and providing technical assistance to evaluators in the creation of effective evaluation designs, the development of appropriate data collection instruments, and the drafting of evaluation reports.

Malawi Primary School Students 3 (school in background)