Malawi Children’s Village

Malawi Children’s Village (MCV) is a village-based support program that serves over 2,000 HIV/AIDS orphans living with members of their extended family in 37 villages.  An independent, non-sectarian organization managed by Malawians, MCV provides a wide range of supports for vulnerable children and families, including healthcare services, secondary and MCV Model Farmingvocational education, shelter, and agricultural programs.



MCV Masonry School        MCV Carpentry School

YPI provides a range of direct supports to MCV through financial donations, in-kind contributions, and technical assistance.

It has provided bicycles for orphans, permitting them to  pursue their education more easily, and it has built housing for families in distress.  YPI employees and volunteers periodically work on-site to provide technical assistance to MCVMCV Sewing Schoolstaff.