Child Advocacy

 The YouMCV AIDS Orphan caregiverth Policy Institute is developing a youth advocacy center that will work to assemble reliable data regarding the status of children and families across multiple domains.  Among its activities, YPI is developing a wiki site that will help disseminate these data widely in Malawi.

The YPI youth advocacy center in Malawi will also initiate a systematic process for identifying effective programs that serve to improve the social, emotional, health, and educational well-being of children in Malawi. To assist Malawians in demonstrating the effectiveness of child-serving programs and to improve the quality of program monitoring, YPI is also developing an initiative to assist Malawians in conducting high-quality process and impact evaluations.

In future years, YPI anticipates having a permanent staff of educators and advocates who will work with Sindima Memorial Institute faculty and students to develop culturally appropriate and effective child advocacy strategies.

Malawi Primary School Students 3 (school in background)